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10 City Break Holiday Must Packs

By Cotswold Outdoor
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10 City Break Must Packs Essential items you shouldn’t leave for your city break holiday without…

merrrel moab shoe1. Comfy shoes – You haven’t gone on holiday to sit in your hotel room the entire time, chances are you are going to do more walking than you ever would at home. Make sure your shoes are substantial enough for what you have planned, comfortable and a good fit.

Casio Watch2. A watch – Ideally, one that tells you the date as well as the time and an alarm with a light can come in handy. It should be hard wearing and easy to adjust the time according to your destination. It doesn’t have to go on your wrist you can attach it to your bag or clothes (if you want to avoid the wrist watch tan line).

Talon Backpack3. A secure day bag – If you have a separate bag to take with you in the day, the smaller it is the better, you don’t want to be separated from it because it is too big to go on your knee. If it is on your back when walking, make sure the zips cannot be opened without you knowing, the hustle and bustle of a crowd can often disguise the tug of a pick pocket at work. Money belts are ideal but not always the most practical things, if you do get one, opt for the one that has a waterproof pouch, if it is warm, chances are you will sweat a lot and they are designed to sit next to your body; nobody wants sweaty cash or soggy passports.

travel adaptor4. Plug adaptor – Remember to take the correct plug adapter to ensure you can charge up your electronics such as camera, tablet computer and phone. It is likely that throughout the day you will have worn the battery out with all your sightseeing.

5. Discount card – If you are a student, under 31yrs of age or a teacher you might be eligible for a discount card, check online or with your local STA travel before you go.

ear plugs6. Ear plugs – If you are staying in shared accommodation you won’t get the silent night sleep you might be used to. Someone will snore, someone will arrive in the middle of the night, or someone will stub their toe on the way to a midnight toilet visit, (if none of these things are happening it is you and you need to offer your ear plugs to the person you just woke up).

first aid7. Familiar medication
– Pain killers, rehydration aids and anti-histamines are a good start for medication anything else would be for your personal needs. A small first aid kit including blister plasters might come in handy too if you plan on walking everywhere

dry shower shampoo8. Hand sanitizer – A good hand sanitizer is great to have with you for washing your hands easily before meals and snacks. Try and test it before you go so that you know you like it, some of them can leave your hands feeling sticky afterwards.

headtorch9. Head torch
– Simply allows you to see where you are going, and what you are doing while in shared rooms without disturbing other sleeping travellers by putting the main room light on. Also ideal for finding your way back at night helping you to see and be seen.

guide book10. Guide book – Finally you are going to need some ideas, inspiration, hints and tips for the places you intend to go. Getting a heads up on the culture and what is frowned upon will make your trip that little bit easier and give you confidence to try something new.