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By Cotswold Outdoor
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Recommended walking boots from the 2014 / 2015 range.

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When it comes to picking the right boot for you there are many factors to consider. What terrains you will mostly be travelling over, what weight you will carry, how long you plan on walking for… to name just a few.

Whatever you’ve got planned, well-fitting footwear is essential for your health and enjoyment of the outdoors. To ensure you get the best fit and most suitable boot for your purposes stop by one of our stores and we’ll be happy to take you through the range on offer.

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To give you a flavour of what to look out for and the boots we’d recommend, these are our top 5 Men’s and Women’s boots for the seasons ahead:



Salomon Quest 4D GTX Walking Boot

This boot is set apart from the rest by its unique sole construction. Salomon have taken the chassis technology from its trail running shoe and applied it to the Quest’s construction to form a much more athletic style boot. The result being a light weight, stable boot made for those who like to move fast and get the miles in.

Perfect for: The 3 Peaks Challenge

Please note: The Salomon Quest 4D GTX has now been replaced by the updated Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX.

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Meindl Bhutan Walking Boot

We’ve picked the Bhutan for its renowned premium leather upper and rich, German boot making heritage. Made for durability the Bhutan is a well-constructed, slightly stiffer boot that moulds to the shape of your foot overtime. This boot will certainly prove its worth over long days trekking or when you plan on carrying a bit more weight.

Perfect for: Trekking in Nepal or Kilimanjaro summit

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Scarpa R-Evo GTX Walking Boot

The Revo’s key feature is its Sock Fit Technology used in its mid upper (or tongue). Made from a stretchy soft-shell the material gives you a fantastic adaptable fit, ensuring no wrinkles and no painful pressure points. It’s a boot for the modern trekker with an almost instant out of the box comfort with a nice close fit.

Perfect for: Long distance trekking

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Lowa Renegade Mid Walking Boot

Ironically we picked this boot because of its trainer like fit. It feels instantly comfortable like sliding on your favourite slipper but with added heel and ankle support. The Renegade is also incredibly flexible, handling steep hills or uneven ground with ease.

Perfect for: A day out rambling

Please note: The Renegade Mid has now been replaced with the Renegade GTX Mid

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Meindl Softline Light GTX

The Softline Light is exactly what it says: lightweight. This boot offers the durability and stiffness of a traditional thicker leather upper (which makes it a great boot for rougher terrain), but also the light weight advantages of modern synthetic mix boots (helping you pack the miles in). Another feature not to be forgotten is its advanced lacing system that pulls the heel into the boot, preventing blisters.

Perfect for: A long weekend backpacking in the UK

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Asolo Stynger Walking Boot

The Styngers are one of the most beautifully constructed Women’s boots available, well lasted. If you’ve got a slim shaped foot, these are the boot for you. Made to fit every curve and arch of the foot, walking in these will be a divine experience. This made it into our top 5 for the attention paid to its construction and fit offered to a slim silhouetted foot.

Perfect for: Hill walking and UK backpacking

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Carpa Terra Walking Boots

These are one of our most popular Women’s walking boots and it’s no surprise once you’ve felt the pure quality and suppleness of its leather construction. The ankle, cuff and tongue are made from soft leather similar to the feel of a leather glove. This suppleness offers a great moulded fit that can last, if cared for, for years of enjoyable walks to come.

Perfect for: Rambling country walks

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The Comet has made it into our top 5, alongside the Quest, for its chassis construction. Utilising technology from Salomon’s trail running range the Comet feels cushioned and light weight with an athletic look. Ideal for expeditions where speed is of the essence and when comfort is needed to keep you going for miles and miles.

Perfect for: The 3 Peaks Challenge

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Lowa Womens Renegade Walking Boot

The renegade had to be in our top 5 because of its superb fit. Like slipping on your favourite pair of trainers, these boots are light and comfy. If you’re planning a day out rambling over country side hills, the flexibility of this boot makes it a great choice, with added heel support to keep you stable over any sharp declines or ascent.

Perfect for: A day out rambling

Please note: The Renegade has now been replaced with the Renegade GTX

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Anatom F2 Walking Boot

Unique to Cotswold Outdoor, we chose this boot as it offers great value for money for the quality of the boot’s construction. The jewel in this boot’s crown is its superior Vibram® sole unit, a must have for anyone heading out over varied terrain and tough enough to last for however many miles you want to squeeze into the day. It’s a great option for anyone starting out on their first long walk or Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Perfect for: First long weekend walk or Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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Tim Kington, Footwear Buyer

Our footwear buyer Tim has worked for Cotswold Outdoor for 16 years and has a comprehensive knowledge of all things footwear and boot fitting. He enjoys climbing and backpacking in the UK and has ventured as far as Nepal, Sweden and the Canadian Arctic and led a team of Cotswold Outdoor staff to the summit of Mont Blanc.