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40 Inspiring reasons to do your Duke of Edinburgh's Award

By Cotswold Outdoor
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40 Inspiring reasons to do your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. 

Our partners at The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award are joining us in celebrating our 40th birthday by sharing their wisdom, gruelling experiences, favourite countries, wild areas and modes of travel.

If you’ve done your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to a few of these.

Top 10 ‘You know you’ve done your DofE when…’

A DofE expedition is never dull and rarely dry. It’s a comprehensive and unique challenge to each participant, but there are a few things you can be sure to learn…

1.  You know a platypus is not just an animal.

2.  The sweaty look is ok.

3.  You can go a week without Facebook.

4.  You find there are two 6 o’clocks in the day.

5.  A campsite with showers is heaven and you don’t mind sharing it with flies, daddy longlegs and spiders etc.

6.  You go in to Cotswold Outdoor and feel especially looked after.

7.  You pass all the physical boundaries you thought you had.

8.  You have to thaw out/dry your socks over a Trangier.

9.  You can sleep anywhere in a sleeping bag, because after that, anywhere is luxury.

10. You are happier to see a working toilet than a TV or mobile

Young people taking part in D of E Awards

Top 10 Overseas expedition destinations

DofE teams go all over the world for their expeditions visiting 72 countries over the past five years. Here are the 10 most visited…

1.  France

2.  Ireland

3.  Morocco

4.  Spain

5.  Norway

6.  Nepal

7.  Germany

8.  Slovenia

9.  Canada

10. South Africa

Visiting amazing places on D of E Award

Top 10 DofE expedition modes of travel

People usually just think of DofE expeditions as something that’s done on foot, but in reality DofE teams are far more adventurous…

1.  Foot

2.  Canoe

3.  Cycle

4.  Horse

5.  Dinghy

6.  Kayak

7.  Rowing boat

8.  Yacht

9.  Paddle board

10. Coasteering

D of E Adventure Activities

Top 10 DofE UK wild country areas for expedition

At Gold level teams on expedition in the UK have to use DofE wild country areas, one for their practice and another for their qualifying expedition. Here are the 10 most popular…

1.  Cumbria

2.  Snowdonia

3.  Brecon Beacons

4.  Yorkshire Dales & Pennines

5.  Peak District

6.  Dartmoor

7.  Grampian & Cairngorms

8.  Tayside

9.  Exmoor & Quantock

10. Trossachs & Crianlari

D of E Places to Visit


There are lots of reasons to get involved in a DofE expedition, if your aged 14 to 24 and would like to find out more, why not visit The Duke of Edinburgh’s website.