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40 Things Not to Forget When You Go Away to Scout Camp

By Cotswold Outdoor
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The Scouts have  shared their essential list of ‘40 things not to forget when you go away to Scout camp’ with us, it should ensure that you’re always well equipped to have fun outdoors, make friends and experience the wider world.

1.    Tent – because there’s nothing like a night under canvas

2.    Three-season sleeping bag – should keep you cosy, unless you’re going sub-zero!

3.    Sleeping mat – a layer underneath is warmer than one on top…

4.    Waterproofs – be prepared for wet weather

5.    Baselayer – layer up and stay warm

6.    Shirt – for everyday wear around camp

7.    Fleece or hoodie – a top layer to take on and off

8.    Spare underwear – because no-one wants to spend their camp doing laundry

9.    Hat and gloves – stop ears and fingers getting frozen

Scout Camp

10.  Camp blanket – stay snug beside the campfire

11.  Activity trousers – the more pockets, the better!

12.  Boots – Look after your feet with a trusty pair

13.  Spare socks – for when you step in that muddy puddle…

14.  Toilet paper – keep it in a ziplock bag to stop it getting soggy

15.  Toothbrush and toothpaste – make ‘em part of your morning routine

16.  Matches – a go-to fire lighting essential. Keep them dry!

17.  Fire steel – a great back-up which will work in all weathers

18.  First aid kit – just in case of emergency

19.  Sunscreen – stay protected from harmful UV rays

20.  Head torch – essential hands-free illumination

21.  Spare batteries – just in case…

22.  Bug repellent – keep the midges and mozzies at bay

23.  Mug and bowl – don’t miss out when grub’s up

24.  Cutlery and utensils – of course, you could always whittle your own…

25.  Pocket knife – your best friend on camp

26.  Hand axe or folding saw – for cutting firewood

27.  Repair kit – for patching holes in tent fabric or sleeping mats

28.  Cooking pot – a lightweight Dixie or a Dutch oven if you’re cooking for the whole Troop…

29.  Heavy-duty foil – essential for many classic campfire recipes

Scout Camp

30.  Rubbish bags – pack it in, pack it out and leave no trace

31.  Anti-bacterial soap – good hygiene ensures all campers stay healthy

32.  Micro towel – a real space-saver

33.  Herbs and spices – a little seasoning goes a long way

34.  Camera or smartphone – capture those memories and share the fun

35.  Daysack – for day trips and hikes away from camp

36.  Food – plan your meals and don’t forget the treats!

37.  Paracord – 101 uses and bound to come in handy

38.  Water bottle – always stay hydrated

39.  Tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate – to keep you going all day

40.  A sense of humour – because it’s about having fun as well as new challenges and outdoor adventure

Scout Camp

For more information or to find out how to get involved why not visit the Scouts website