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Glamping in a nutshell is glamourous camping – combining all the wonder of nature with the comforts of home. The best thing about glamping is undoubtedly its variety. Whatever your taste or inclination for adventure there’s something to suit you.

It has reinvented what many people know and think of as camping (muddy wellies and sleepless rainy nights) and turned it into a luxury activity accessible to all, providing the perfect get away experience for couples and families alike..

Glamping can be your own take on combining whatever outdoor environment you adore spending time in with the comforts you most enjoy. For some this is taking the comforts of home and decking out their family tent, for others, it’s a weekend in a restored gypsy caravan by the sea side.

Here are just a few of the glampers we’ve seen that inspire us to give it a go…


These instantly recognisable bullet-like buses hail from America. They’re not only amazing to admire from the outside but offer all the luxuries anyone could want within – whether it’s a hot shower, a hot meal or your favourite TV program.


Originally used by the military in the 19th century, bell tents take you a step closer to nature with just a layer of canvas between you and the outdoors. Very popular with glampers in the UK, bell tents keep you warm and dry in the winter, whilst in the summer time, you can open up its doors and still have plenty of space for a group of you to admire the view.

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These simple looking wooden huts are a slice of chalet luxury. They sit beautifully against woodland surrounds and are the perfect option for when the weather isn’t looking too good. There’s less room for larger groups but great to snuggle inside with the family.


The geodesic domes are usually more at home at the foot of Everest but have since been adapted with canvas for the friendlier weather conditions of Britain’s green countryside. Its curved structure makes this one of the toughest glamping tents you’ll find (taking buffeting winds in its stride) and also offer a vast amount of space within for you to spread out and relax in.


These quaint carts are small houses on wheels that have roamed the countryside for over a hundred years. What they lack in sprawling space, they make up for with oodles of personality. You can’t miss their colourful and intricately painted outer or fail to admire the craftsmanship within.


Originally used by American Indians and made of animal skin, they are another popular glamping option for the modern camper. Today’s canvas tents are great for groups who want to huddle round a camp fire as the smoke is ventilated up and out the top of the tipi.


Yurts and Gers have been used by nomads in central Asia for at least three thousand years. Today they’ve now taken on a new life as a very popular style of holiday retreat. For those that are particularly keen on their home comforts, there’s plenty of room for a king sized bed and can come with a working oven and stove.


Looking for something a bit more ‘out of the ordinary’? Spend the night suspended in luxury. Tree tents are hung from cables and are often thermal lined, complete with a wood burner to make it enjoyable in almost any season.

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These translucent pods take the combination of comfort and camping to the extreme. Nature is all around you as you relax and enjoy the luxury within. It’s worth trying one of these even just for one night to be able to lie in bed and gaze up at the stars.


Whatever glamping style you opt for, don’t forget to accessorise. Add that personal homely touch by bringing along a teapot, some cushions or a cosy blanket. Better still make it a special occasion and splash out on some champagne. It’s all those little touches that turn your average camper into a glamper!