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Our Best Camping Stoves

Find the right stove for your adventure... By Cotswold Outdoor
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Sizzling sausages, one pan wonders, boil in a bag breakfasts and summit shelter coffees, they’re all within reach when you’re in the great outdoors if you have the right stove. There’s no ‘one stove fits all’ solution so matching your requirements to your activity will help you to get cooking and enjoying the pleasures of eating ‘al fresco’. To give you some ideas we asked our camping buyer Dave to pick out some of his best camping stoves for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Backpacking - Jetboil MicroMo Stove

New for this season, the Jetboil MicroMo is perfect for the backpacker that wants their stove to be lightweight, packable, fast and durable. The flux ring produces powerful efficient heat and the stove’s high performance is stabilised across different weather conditions and altitudes by some clever regulator technology, so you get the same fast and efficient burn wherever you are. Perfect for a backpacker, it packs up neatly into the cup and takes up minimal space in a rucksack.

What can I cook?

The MicroMo is at its best when boiling water, indeed half a litre of water takes just 2 minutes. Boil in a bag ready meals are perfect as they are simple and fast, so choose your flavour and go! If you’re a coffee lover, the coffee press (sold separately) ensures you’ll have the finest brew wherever you are.

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Wild Camping - BioLite CampStove

Bringing technology to the wild, the BioLite CampStove is fuelled by combustible biomass such as twigs, pine cones and bark to to produce heat that does more than just cook. The real bonus comes when the excess heat from the combustion is used to generate electricity from thermoelectric generator. This powers a fan which improves combustion efficiency and can also be used to power gadgets such as phones, LED lights and other gadgets.

What can I cook?

Boiling a litre of water takes approximately 5 minutes on the stove and it is possible to sit a small pan on top of the stove to heat food. For a larger grill area it’s worth considering the addition of the BioLite Portable Grill. Don’t forget the marshmallows for real campfire experience.

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Fast & Light/Adventure Racing - Robens Fire Midge Titanium

Weighing in at a miniscule 45 grams, this Robens gem is compact and minimal for activities like adventure racing where you want to go fast and light. Screw it onto a gas cartridge, fold out the pot supports and get cooking, it’s pretty darned simple. For the perfect lightweight cook set, match it with the GSI Halulite Minimalist Cook Set.

What can I cook?

Much like the stove, keep it simple and boil up something ready made and delicious. If you want to cook something like scrambled eggs, stir often and keep the pan moving to avoid a central hotspot, and make sure you’re on a good stable piece of ground.

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Car Camping - Outwell Appetizer 3 Burner Stove with Grill

With three 1500-Watt burners and a 1300-Watt grill, the Outwell Appetizer gives you the power to impress with your camp cuisine. For families, groups and food lovers, this stove opens up the possibilities – with a little preparation, and the right pots and pans, you’ll only be limited by your culinary imagination. There’s even a toaster! The stove collapses up neatly into its case and weighs just 4.5 kg so it’s luxury without the large.

What can I cook?

This one’s up to you really, with all this cooking power it’s just about choosing a recipe. Take a look at these BBC Good Food recipes for some inspiration.

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DofE and Youth Groups - Trangia 27-UL Stove

Founded in 1925, Trangia are made in Sweden and are recommended by the Duke Of Edinburgh’s award for good reason. They’re safe, allow you to use eco-friendly fuels, are easy to use, and come with an array of pots and pans to allow for flexible cooking. With different sizes and options available, Trangia stoves pack up neatly and are robust enough to chuck in and out of rucksacks. There’s a number of fuel options with the spirit burner including bioethanol, methylated spirits and alcohol gel.

What can I cook?

Trangia stoves are popular with youth groups for their durability, safety and simplicity but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to boil in a bag meals. They’re not ultra-fast to heat but the array of pans and excellent weather protection mean that you can fry, boil or stew whatever you choose.

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Adventure Travel & Mountaineering - Primus OmniFuel

If you’re travelling  and camping then the worries of unknown fuel availability and restrictions on gas canister carriage by aeroplanes mean you’ll want a stove with as much flexibility as possible. The OmniFuel runs on virtually any fuel you can find including petrol, diesel, paraffin, aviation fuel, kerosene and gas cylinders and is built for durability and easy maintenance. Used on countless expeditions, the OmniFuel performs well at altitude and gives travellers freedom to explore.

What can I cook?

With an excellent stable pot rest it really depends on the availability of time and your imagination. The OmniFuel has fantastic heat control so it is possible to simmer food effectively and it’s really well suited to one-pot wonders.  Check out the excellent Primus Cookbook site for a few ideas.

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Expertly picked by

Dave Housley, Equipment Buyer

Our Equipment Buyer, Dave Housley, has worked for Cotswold Outdoor for over 30 years and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about outdoor kit. His favourite outdoor pursuit is currently mountain biking but he has also climbed and travelled in the Alps, the USA and Nepal and more recently visited a number of active volcanoes just for fun.