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Find the best sleeping bag for your next camping trip By Cotswold Outdoor
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Whether you’ve had a tiring day’s exploration with the family or you’re trying to get a little shut eye before an event you’ve been training for, the last thing you want is to miss those precious few hours of sleep, shivering or wriggling in your poorly selected sleeping bag, whilst listening to the slightest sound outside your tent.

With a wide range of sleeping bags for every type adventure, our Equipment Buyer Dave has put together a handy list so you can select the right one. The comfort rating indicates the lowest recommended temperature to comfortably use the sleeping bag in, whilst the pack size represents the dimensions of the sleeping bag inside the compact stuff sack, which is handy to know if you’re considering carrying it in your rucksack.

Should you need advice about which features to look for, understanding comfort ratings or anything else our Sleeping Bag Buying Guide has all the information you need.

Best Adventure Racing & Ultralight Backpacking

Comfort Rating: 0°C
Pack Size: 33 x 15cm
Best Feature: Weight 737g

When you’re competing in a race and every gram counts, you need a sleeping bag that packs down small so you can easily stow it away in your bag. The warm synthetic filling provides a low comfort rating and features heat mapping technology so you can benefit from extra warmth in the areas where you need it most.

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Best Double Sleeping Bag

Comfort Rating: 0°C
Pack Size:  52 x 52cm
Best Feature: Ultra-soft brushed fabric

Create a home away from home with this super thick, luxurious sleeping bag that feels really soft, with a cosy hooded pillow and zip baffles that retain your heat. For those warmer nights outdoors you can unzip the top layer from the bottom providing you with two duvets, or zip them up individually to create two single sleeping bags for extra versatility. Perfect for car camping, it folds away easily into a zip up bag, so you don’t have to fight to get it back in, when its time to go home.

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Best Youth Expedition Sleeping Bag

Comfort Rating: -4 °C
Pack Size: 25 x 50cm
Best Feature: Exclusive

When they’re out on UK expeditions between spring and autumn they need a sleeping bag with a  reasonable lower comfort rating. They’ll benefit from the cosyness of the insulated zip and shoulder baffles that keep out any pesky drafts, while the internal pocket will come in handy for keeping headtorches and midnight snacks to hand. Also available in a womens specific cut reducing extra space for heat to escape, as well as a fleece lined toe box for super cosy toes at night.

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Best For Camping In The UK

Comfort Rating: -6°C
Pack Size: 40 x 25cm
Best Feature: Zip 2 Together

When camping out in changeable UK conditions you want a synthetic sleeping bag that keeps you warm whether it’s dry or wet outside your tent. The Sirius 300 has a comfort limit of -6°C, with collar baffles that prevent heat from escaping, keeping you cocooned in comfort and warmth all night long. When camping as a couple, the choice of left and right handed zips provides the option to zip two sleeping bags together.

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Best Kids Sleeping Bag

Comfort Rating: 6°C
Pack Size: 32 x 19cm
Best Feature: Extendable length

Perfect for young explorers tall and small the Junior Vario synthetic fill sleeping bag features a handy zip at the foot of the bag providing an extra 30cm of length, so they can keep on using it as they grow. When camping out in warmer conditions or for sleepovers the two-way zip can be undone completely for use as a duvet.

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Best Down Sleeping Bag

Comfort Rating: -8.5 °C
Pack Size: 24 x 42cm
Best Feature:: Women's available

When sleeping out in cold conditions you need a down filled sleeping bag with a lower comfort rating that’s going to keep you warm all night long. The Rab Ascent 700 is our highest performing down sleeping bag, with a snug, soft lining, hydrophobic duck down fill that retains its loft even in damp conditions, an internal neck baffle to help prevent any heat from escaping and an angled foot box that’s contoured to the shape of your feet for extra room around your toes. Also available in a women’s specific cut that’s slightly wider in the body and shorter in length.

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Best For Backpacking In Warm Climates

Comfort Rating: 11°C
Pack Size: 20 x 13cm
Best Feature: Weighs 680g

A thinner sleeping bag with a higher comfort rating is key to a comfortable night’s sleep in warmer countries. This ultra compact, ultra light sleeping bag from Ayacucho weighs a minute 680 grams, taking up just 2.5 litres in your rucksack, which is ideal when backpacking, reducing weight and pack size as much as possible.

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Best Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Comfort Rating: -3 °C
Pack Size: 22 x 40cm
Best Feature: Variety of sizes

A synthetic sleeping bag is a great option for use in damp conditions, as it will continue to keep you warm even if it is raining outside. The Rab Ignition 3 is comfortable down to -3 °C and suitable for three seasons. With a contoured footbox it feels less restrictive, so your feet have room to relax whilst you sleep. Also available in a women’s specific shape or with extra length.

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Best For Winter Expeditions

Comfort Rating: -27°C
Pack Size: 26 x 35cm
Best Feature: Goose down fill

On long expeditions in sub zero temperatures a goose down sleeping bag will offer the superior warmth that you’ll need. Designed for use at altitude, the Rab Andes 1000 is packed with features to maximise warmth in freezing temperatures. Comfortable down to -27°C, the chest baffles and longitudinal foot baffles reduce down migration, retaining warmth where you need it most, ideal for expeditions at high altitude or on exposed belays.

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Now you’ve got the right sleeping bag for you, why not take a look at our Best Camping Mats buying guide to find out why mats really matter.

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Dave Housley, Equipment buyer

Our Equipment Buyer, Dave Housley, has worked for Cotswold Outdoor for over 30 years and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about outdoor kit. His favourite outdoor pursuit is currently mountain biking but he has also climbed and travelled in the Alps, the USA and Nepal and more recently visited a number of active volcanoes just for fun.