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#beatyesterday With the New Vivoactive HR

Track more than ever before with the new Vivoactive HR... Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2016, By Cotswold Outdoor
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The new Vivoactive HR Watch from Garmin is perfect for those who want to get out there and try everything. Whether you’re taking a spinning class in the gym or cycling outdoors, hitting the slopes on skis or a snowboard, prefer golfing or stand up paddle boarding, the Vivoactive HR is the perfect partner.

Garmin Vivoactive running and paddle boarding

The next generation along from the Garmin Vivoactive, the Vivoactive HR is packed with new and exciting features. Most notably, it’s got an optical heart rate sensor built into the back, so there’s no need to purchase an external sensor. It also comes with automatic sport detection for some workouts like running, swimming and cycling.

Garmin Vivoactive Product Image

Garmin have also added an ambient light sensor, allowing it to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the level of light around you. Finally, the Vivoactive HR comes loaded with loads of new tracking features, like intensity minutes and an automatic ‘floors climbed’ reading, allowing you to geek out on more stats than ever before.

Like the old Vivoactive, the HR has plenty of options for customisation. You can switch up the straps depending on your style and activity, and customise the watch face to suit you.

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