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GPS Handhelds Comparison

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016, By London Covent Garden
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GPS handhelds are something that can often seem rather confusing, the aim of this article is to simplify things!

The key questions you want to ask yourself before buying a GPS are:

  1. What do I want to use it for?
  2. How much do I want to spend?
  3. How good do I want the mapping to be?

As GPS handhelds get more expensive, you usually gain more functionality, better mapping (think about how expensive this is in map form or through digital downloads), better ease of use (although the really expensive ones can get complicated again) and improved accuracy of data.

If you follow this link, you will find a PDF describing the core differences between most of the range of Garmin GPS handhelds we stock in store. (eTrex 10 excluded but is pretty much the eTrex 20x without mapping)

Garmin comparison

Using this guide you can have a good breakdown of technical features, but not really applicational differences, so that is what I will outline next!

eTrex 10 – Geocaching, reference tool for positional and tracking data, basic navigation.


eTrex 20x – Same as eTrex 10 but with mapping added in you can navigate with it much more easily. (Western Europe mapping)


eTrex 30x – Same as eTrex 20x but electronic 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter give better accuracy and ease of use.


eTrex Touch 25 – Same as eTrex 20x but touch screen control and much easier navigation, perfect for all sorts of activities with set menus for Hike, Cycle, Geocaching etc. (Most of Europe mapping)


eTrex Touch 35 – Same as eTrex Touch 25 but gains a barometric altimeter and unit to unit transfer capabilities.


Oregon 600 and GPS Map 64s – High quality OS standard mapping for the whole of the UK, much better for use as a primary navigation device with your map becoming more of a backup, larger screens allow for easier route planning on the device, GPS Map 64s has buttons to allow for great all year round use.

a21101860000-2 a21101790000-2

Oregon 650 – Same as Oregon 600 with additional memory and a camera, great if you plan to download more maps or do any photo geotagging which is an excellent feature for artists, group leaders and any others who may want to remember a spot and go back to the exact location.


I hope this helps lead you in the right direct when looking for a GPS Handheld, in store we have a range of deep units for you to try and will be more than happy to help answer any further questions!

David Heathcote

Assistant Manager

Cotswold Outdoor – Covent Garden