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New from The North Face -Mountain Athletics

Posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, By London Covent Garden
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Mountain Athletics?

The North Face have just launched a brand new sub brand called Mountain Athletics, the purpose of this kit it to make training easier and more comfortable and to help reach their goals. Rigorously tested in the field and in the gym, its exclusive technology and active-stretch fabrics provide unmatched durability, range of motion and performance to help people of all levels have longer, more fun days outdoors.

Do we like it?

I recently bought a pair of Ampere Dual Shorts and a Reactor Hoodie from the range and so far both have been pretty awesome! I went running the other day in them and by the end of it I couldn’t feel any sweat down my back (although this may be down to it being 3 degrees outside) but I have experienced great next to skin comfort and how pleased I am with them has so far held off any abuse from the club that I run with.

They have an app!

Check out the Mountain Athletics training app Mountain Athletics App to help you train for any goal, no matter how big or small.


Overall we think this range is really going to do great things, it looks great and feels great and hopefully will help motivate people to achieve their goals, our Store Manager Chris also has a couple of tops, he also has a Reactor Hoodie (different colour) and also the Graphic Reaxion Amp Crew which he is wearing right now while working in our office (maybe not the use they had in mind for it?). Hopefully we will see this range and brand grow and grow and see more people getting active and achieving their goals!

David Heathcote

Assistant Manager

Cotswold Outdoor Covent Garden