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NEW Garmin Forerunner 230

Posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, By London Covent Garden
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This is the new Garmin Forerunner 230, and I was so excited about this watch coming out that I snapped one up as soon as it came out! I have had mine now for 2 months so now I feel is a suitable time to share my opinion.

lf-lgThis product launch was really exciting because Garmin seemed to know exactly what I wanted in upgrading from my old Forerunner 220. This was a cycling activity mode, access to the app store, notifications and fitness tracking, and Garmin fulfilled every one of these needs in this new model while keeping the weight and size they same, and reclaiming some more space for the screen!IMG_2162-1

One of the key things this watch has done is motivate me to keep training and sign up for my first 10km run, with more information, more adaptability and better ease of use, the Forerunner 230 makes it easy to get out and run. Pairing this with competing with our store manager on Garmin Connect to log as many miles as possible and run as often as possible and I have a tool that not only gives we excellent feedback and performance, but also makes me want to use it in a way that is similar to having a new phone, I find myself wanting to explore the capabilities.CZqFOt9WcAEDQ6h

Overall this makes it great value for money and a valuable training resource and I know that I am always only  2 button clicks away from starting an activity. Here are some key features for the watch – Activity tracking with Running and Cycling modes, with the ability to customise an ‘Other’ mode, Step counting + Calorie counting, Smart notifications, Weather, Calendar, Compatible with Connect IQ store for a range of extra apps (from games to find my car), 8 hours activity battery life, over 2 weeks battery without activities, silent alarms and automatic alerts and laps for your activities.

David Heathcote – Assistant Manager

Cotswold Outdoor Covent Garden