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See what our staff thought of the new Osprey packs Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2017, By Cotswold Outdoor
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Finding a pack which is versatile, lightweight and comfortable enough to be used for everything from hiking in the Lakes to commuting can be tough. However, the recent launch of two exciting new packs by Osprey, the Talon and Tempest, promise a solution to this problem. In addition to the legendary comfort you’d expect from Osprey, the packs boast some exciting new features including:

  • New hip belt for improved comfort
  • Airscape™ back system to fit the contours of your body
  • Stow-on- the Go™, meaning you can quickly attach and release walking poles without needing to remove the pack

To put these new features to the test we sent our expert staff out to use the packs on their adventures. This covered everything from the daily commute, walks on the local Gloucestershire hills and hikes on the tougher terrain of the Lake District.

Low level walking

Name: Heather
Location: Near Kemble, Gloucestershire
Pack: Tempest 20

I recently used my new Osprey Tempest 20 pack on a hike on a foggy winter day. I immediately noticed how lightweight the pack was. The back panel is really soft and flexible, but rigid enough to still support the weight in your pack. The straps and hip belt have a seamless mesh that increases airflow and provides a cushion between you and the pack’s contact points. I have walked with other packs that have ended up leaving red marks on my skin after a days activity, however, the Tempest works with your body rather than against it.

I re-adjusted the back length and tightened the shoulder and hip straps until the pack clung to my back, which is quick and easy to do. The ergonomics of the pack mean you get full movement of your arms to climb and scramble on tricky terrain with ease. I made the most out of the handy pockets and features on the Tempest, darkness can roll in fast on winter days so the pocket on the strap was perfect for my torch. I could also quickly access my phone in the hip belt pocket to snap any local wildlife and scenery I came across.

Technical walking

Name: Alex
Location: Lake District
Pack: Talon 33

As soon as I’d adjusted the rucksack, loaded it up and put it on my back, I knew it was going to be comfortable for the entire day. One of the best features of Osprey packs are the super easy adjustment buckles that allow you to quickly get the bag fitted – great when sharing the rucksack throughout the day.

My test run of the rucksack took place in the Lake District on an 11 mile hike with an ascent of 850m, involving a mix of walking flats, steep up-hills and light scrambling. Having a pack that was close fitting to the body helped a lot with stability. The tall, narrow form would also been great for people using walking poles.

I had no aches in my shoulders or chest thanks to the ergonomic shape of the shoulder straps and the new Seamless lumbar to hipbelt body wrap prevented my pack from creating any uneven pressure points on my lower back.


Name: Tim
Location: Rural Wiltshire
Pack: Talon 33

Vicki absolutely hates going on holiday with me. It’s not the slightly annoying sense of humour or my insistence on wearing favourite old t-shirts. No, it’s the number of pockets in my old rucksack. The constant embarrassment of holding up queues at security or check-in whilst I scrabble around to find my passport and phone.

This incredible annoyance has now come to an end! I have an Osprey Talon 33 to play with. I walk a couple of miles each day to and from work across fields and though woods, it’s an absolutely amazing commute. It rains, it can be cold, foggy and occasionally when sparkly little eyes shine back at you in the pitch black silence it can be a little “exciting”.

What has made it so much easier and more comfortable is this great new backpack. I can very happily fit in everything I might need for a change in the weather. Today’s little luxuries included, walking trousers (I usually wear shorts all year), waterproof jacket, waterproof over trousers, mitts, liner gloves, reflective jackets (very sensible when on the road late in the evening!), lunch, keys, head torch, wallet and a copy of Five go on a Strategy Away Day! And there’s still a lot of room for more!

All this kit is in easy reach as the pockets are convenient– a couple on the waist bands and lovely large one on the top. However, it’s the back system that has got me going! It’s so airy, I’ve turned up to work without anyone commenting on a slightly damp streak going down my back, the weight is so well distributed that it is not just on the shoulders, it makes walking, climbing over stiles and wading through mud a pleasant experience.

Now is the time for Vicki to start enjoying going on holiday with me again. She will not be in fear of the previous embarrassments; a couple of ski trips are going to test this theory out. This bag not only has exactly the right things in the right places but it looks good too! Well done Osprey! I love the Talon 33.

Our staff found both packs to be extremely versatile, comfortable and perfect for use on all adventures, whether you’re hiking in the hills or commuting to work. The handy pockets mean you can easily grab your essentials, whether it’s a purse or an energy bar. So whatever your next adventure, the new Osprey packs won’t hold you back.

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